About Laramie Renae


Hey! I'm Laramie Renae, freelance photographer and artist.

I moved to Memphis for music in 2011 and it wasn't until 2019 that I picked up a camera. It was somewhat an accident-- the perks of being a social media manager, so I made it work! And I fell in love. I'm a Canon girl and I specialize in candids, but always make sure to get the shot that grandma will want above her fireplace. I am open to your ideas and also have no problem being bossy if the environment gets too overwhelming (my mom was a college basketball coach, so I can hustle).

This site is meant to be the umbrella in which all my creative energies in the visual medium are displayed. My niche is intimate, non-traditional weddings & elopements. If I could do any photography in the world I would be doing photojournalism around the world, photographing different cultures and being in the trenches with people. I also do marketing photos, parties, nonprofits, and will travel anywhere. I keep half my heart in Africa, spending every August in Kenya with my favorite kids in the world and my daughter Veronica. My husband Dylan plays in my band with me and is also a Voice Actor-- so if you've gotten this far and you're a rep for Nike, yes he's available ;)

Take a look at the site and shoot me an email! Let's connect.


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