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What's your story...

"You were such a dream to us... Safe, steady, directed and fun to have there. It felt so natural and right to have you there. No one else could have made my heart explode quite this way. Thank you so much for giving so much of yourselves to us yesterday. What a gift."


What are your dreams...

"You absolutely nailed it and maybe I’m just going to wallpaper my house with these pictures. You were so easy to work with and rolled perfectly with our ideas. The first thing my mom said when she saw these was “wow she really captured exactly who you two are” and we both feel the same way..."


Pervis Payne, Kelley Henry, ©WanderingCreative2021

Where are you going...

"Way to capture such a beautiful and poignant moment. You. Were. Sitting. There. Bearing witness..."

~ Vahisha

"Photo of the year."

~ Innocence Project

~ Vahisha

~ Vahisha

~ Vahisha